Monday, July 11, 2011

Mini Project : Environment Lighting using HDRI

I worked on this project to create an image to commemorate the joining of the 400'th member on the Facebook that I moderate called Blender Knowledge Base.

Software Used: 

Blender 2.58a

Techniques used:
  • Shading
    • Glossy materials with ray traced reflections using the world map
  • Lighting
    • Sun light with atmosphere
    • Ambient Occlusion (Multiply mode)
    • Environment Lighting (Gather: Raytrace, Angular map)

Blender Scene File

Rendered with only Direct Lighting (Sun light)

Rendered with only Environment Lighting (Angular mapped HDRI)

Added Ambient Occlusion (Multiply mode)

Turned on the Direct Lighting from Sun Lamp (With default atmosphere setting on)

Enabled Ray traced reflections

Glossy Reflections from the shader

Environment lighting without falloff

Environment lighting with falloff

Thursday, July 7, 2011